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Types of Workers Compensation Available to Iowa Workers

Workers compensation insurance is available by employers for employees who’ve been injured on the job. When injuries occur they oftentimes disrupt your life considerably, sometimes causing difficulty going to work as mounding bills pile up. Luckily, the workers comp insurance comes in to help with some of the bills and the money lost when unable to go to work.

Temporary disability benefits are available if you’re injured at work and must take off from the job to treat those injuries. Although Iowa law will not allow the first three days of the leave to be paid unless you require a period greater than 14 days off from work to treat the injuries. The amount that is paid is 80% of the weekly earnings, after taxes wages. There is an annual cap on the total amount that you can receive, which is currently set at $1,688 each week.

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Permanent total disability is available to those who’ve suffered injuries severe enough they’re not expected to improve. If you are totally disabled, you’ll need to continue scheduling and making doctor appointments to receive compensation. Permanent partial disability is another type of workers compensation that may be given in your case. This is a type of coverage that is available to people who are impaired permanently but who are not totally disabled.

If you are denied benefits or experience other trouble during the workers comp process, it is ideal to speak to a lawyer like attorney Hoffman. The legal workers comp expert can answer questions or otherwise legally assist you if trouble arises at a time when more difficulty is the last thing that you want or need. Attorneys provide free consultations to discuss your case in detail to determine the next steps best to take.